Trail Construction

Trail Construction Skills Include:

    Construction Specifications

    Understand and apply common construction specifications/trail management objectives such as corridor height/width, tread width, cross/outslope, protrusions, obstacles, and compaction.

    Corridor Clearing

    Clear the corridor (brushing, logging out, hazard tree removal, rock/stump removal) in preparation for construction using proper pruning techniques.

    Hand-Built Trail Construction

    Using hand tools, construct a trail with a full bench, raised tread, and/or combination that meets the construction specifications.

    Mechanized Trail Construction

    Safely use and maintain mechanized trail construction equipment (i.e. mini-excavators, skid steers, trail dozers, compactors, etc) to construct trail that meets construction specifications.

    Trail Finishwork

    Utilize tools, often mechanical (i.e. excavators, harrow rakes, compact utility loaders, compactors), to meet specifications for final tread surface and backslope preparation and compaction, construction spoils management, and erosion control stabilization.

    Water Management/Drainage Features

    Construct drainage features that decrease erosion , including grade reversals, berms, ditches, and sheet drains.

    Water Crossing Structures

    Construct a water crossing structure (i.e. puncheon, turnpike, bridge) to span drainageways or wetland areas and raise the trail above the high water line while maintaining uninterrupted hydrology beneath the constructed feature.

    Retaining Walls

    Construct stone or wood retaining walls to bolster unconsolidated soils, gain elevation, or transition tread from rocks/natural barriers.

    Tread Hardening

    Install the appropriate treadway hardening technique for a trail given the slopes, soils, available material (wood, rock, gravel) and designed use, including advanced hardening techniques (i.e. turnpiking, rock culverts, boulder causeway, rock drains).

    Trailside Structures / Dispersed Recreation

    Build and maintain trail heads, parking lots, kiosks, sanitary facilities, camping facilities, traffic barriers, and directional signage.

    Decommissioning Trails

    Demonstrated ability to plan and implement the closure, reclamation, and revegetation of a trail segment.

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Resources for Trail Construction

Evaluating Erosion
Evaluating Erosion

One important factor that we examine when we assess the condition of a trail is the effect that erosion is having upon the trail surface. This video covers three of the most obvious signs of trail erosion: loose rocks, cuts and areas of deposition.…

Hand Tool Field Maintenance
Hand Tool Field Maintenance

We rely on hand tools to lop branches, dig drain dips, remove slough and berm, construct waterbars and check steps, and much more. As a result, hand tools receive a great deal of wear and tear. Learn about the most common tool problems that are…

Desert Brushing Techniques
Desert Brushing Techniques

In the second video of this series, we take a look at how to clear the trail corridor of brush, focusing on techniques specific to the desert environment. Keeping the corridor clear allows users to stay on the trail safely, protecting the…

Tread and Drainage
Tread and Drainage

Water and gravity constantly threaten our trails and thus we must learn how best to deflect them. This course begins with basics of hillside hydrology and how trails work when they shed water properly. Includes introduction of “trail eyes” and basic…

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