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Trail Core Competencies

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Construction Specifications

Corridor Clearing

Hand-Built Trail Construction

Mechanized Trail Construction

Trail Finishwork

Water Management/Drainage Features

Water Crossing Structures

Retaining Walls

Tread Hardening

Trailside Structures / Dispersed Recreation

Decommissioning Trails

Maintenance Specifications

Inventory & Assessment

Corridor Clearing: Power tools

Corridor clearing: Hand Tools

Tread Maintenance - Hand tools

Tread Maintenance - Mechanized Equipment

Drainage Features/Water Management

Land Use Plan Alignment

Define Purpose and Need of Project

Corridor Planning

Stakeholder Engagement

Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) Principles

Project Cost Estimation

Implementation Plan

Trail Specifications


Trail Plans



Universal Design/ADA Accessibility

Crew Recruitment

Crew Management

Jobsite Safety

Jobsite Risk Management

Performance Management

Field-based Resource Protection

Program Budgeting


Contract Administration

Education and Public Outreach



Partnership and Collaboration


Visitor Use Management and Monitoring

Agreement Development

Blasting Certification

BLM Inventory, Assessment, Monitoring

Bridge Inspection

Contracting Officer Representative

Sawyer Certification

IAM (Inventory, Assessment, and Monitoring)

National Scenic Trail Designation and Planning

National Historic Trail Designation and Planning

National Recreation Trail Designation and Planning

Rail Trail Designation and Planning

Relevant Trail Types

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Training Location

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