Stonework: Techniques and Projects

Trail Core Competencies

Discover the lasting satisfaction of working with stone. Master stonemason Charles McRaven covers everything you need to know about working with different types of stone to create a variety of durable and elegant features. Clear enough for the beginning stonemason, this guide includes a thorough overview of the proper techniques for handling, cutting, and shaping stone. With illustrated instructions for 22 projects that include garden paths, walls, seats, waterfalls, and even a bridge, you’ll soon be confidently crafting your own inspired stone creations.


McRaven helps even first-time builders comprehend the intricacies of working with different stone types; choosing the most suitable stone; handling, cutting, and shaping stone; working with recycled stone; and using stone inside the home.

Stonework presents complete, fully illustrated instructions for:

  • Using stone for gardens, paths, pools, and waterfalls
  • Building walls, from simple to serpentine
  • Making gateways, pillars, and doorways
  • Using large stones as wall and landscape accents
  • Installing stone steps for porches and entries
  • Creating retaining walls
  • Building bridges and walkways

Trail Types Covered

    General. All trail types are relevant.

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