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IMBA Trail Solutions Advanced Trail Building School


Partner with IMBA Trail Solutions and create with confidence. By deploying a complete range of skills–including visioning, detailed design, professional construction, and training for stewardship–our comprehensive approach saves resources.


Whether you want a family-friendly shared-use trail, a bike park with flow lines, an expert-level trail full of gnarly rock features, or a trail system that caters to all skill levels, IMBA can assess, plan, design, and build your trails; and educate trail stewards. The resulting diverse, sustainable trail systems will engage your community for years to come.

Trusted Expertise

IMBA Trail Solutions is the international leader in trail development, having created the best practices that guide industry professionals and land managers around the world. During two decades of experience, we have worked on more than 750 trail projects worldwide. IMBA Trail Solutions can help build or improve your community trails.

IMBA Trail Solutions Advanced Trail Building School

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