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Trail Management and Construction


As Colorado’s first community college, Trinidad State has led the way in innovative programs targeting skills that are in workplace demand. This program follows in that tradition. There is a tremendous interest in trails of all kinds around the world, which has resulted in a strong demand for knowledgeable professionals in the trail building industry.

Trail Core Competencies Covered

Trail making and maintenance as a career is taking off more than ever as environmentally sound practices and sustainable development come to the forefront in light of ecological and climate concerns, but that’s just part of the appeal of this career. For those who love the outdoors, having the grandeur of some of the most beautiful natural landscapes as their working environment ranks very high — as does working to create something lasting, while ensuring the sustainability and eco-friendliness of trails for many generations to come. Ecological responsibility and sustainable development are critical components in trail making, and the skill set students gain in learning to build and maintain trails is an advantage they can take wherever they go in their recreation and trail building careers.

Trail Management and Construction

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