Project Management for Effective Planning and Design Results

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Project Management for Effective Planning and Design Results

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Webinar Project Planning and Design Project & Crew Management

We invite you to join our upcoming webinar series Stewarding the Outdoor Recreation Professions.

Effective project management is critical to a successful planning and design process, and this presentation will outline best practices to keep campground projects on budget and on schedule. Using case studies, we will describe an effective process for taking a campground project from the earliest feasibility phase all the way through design, construction documentation, permitting, and bidding.

What type of recreational experiences does your existing or proposed campground offer compared to others in the area? Given the sites natural features, what is the recreational potential and what are the potential constraints? What are campers expectations for the level of amenities and character given the market context? Are there significant threats to the project (e.g. permitting issues, community opposition, cost), and how can they be addressed?

Learning Objectives
Learn project management best practices for planning & design projects
Learn strategies for managing the design and permitting process with a multi-disciplinary team
Learn the value of a collaborative approach between the client and consultant team
Learn tips for proactively identifying project threats and contingency planning

Patrick Olstad - Landscape Architect, SE Group
Isaac Sims - Landscape Architect, U.S. Forest Service


This is a virtual training. See the event website for more details.

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Started April 03, 2024
01:00 PM
Ended April 03
02:00 PM

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