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Sustainable Trail Building


Here, you will gain the fundamental skills needed to build non-motorized trails using up-to-date sustainability best practices directly from industry leaders and trail building experts — in our outdoor learning laboratory. You’ll learn hands-on and master trail building techniques on the more than 100 miles of natural, machine-made, and gravity trails around Northern Vermont University, Kingdom Trails, and Burke Mountain Bike Park.

Trail Core Competencies Covered
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Why are sustainably built trails important?

Improper trail building and maintenance can negatively affect water quality, endangered species, wildlife habitat, cultural legacies, and even the climate. Sustainability is at the core of sound trails and trail systems, and in our certificate program you will learn from experts at the forefront of this effort. Apply the best techniques and practices to minimize negative impacts and create years of enjoyment on trails built to a high standard.

Two course options:

Sustainable Trail Building Certificate — one-year programTrail Building and Stewardship for Non-Motorized Multi-Use Trails Boot Camp

Sustainable Trail Building

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