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The Third Mode: Bonus Chapters

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A decade after initial publication, The Third Mode author will provide an update to discuss recent accomplishments that tie into the central concept of “the third mode” including his co-founding of Citi Bike, building the Empire State Trail, and recently developing re:Charge-e for e-bikes/scooters.

Since publishing The Third Mode a decade ago (the book was launched on one of the first American Trails webinars The Third Mode: Connecting Greenways, Trails and Active Mobility), Jeff has added to his long list of stories to share with our community.

For this webinar, he'll talk about three of them:

  1. Co-founding of Citi Bike,
  2. Building the Empire State Trail, and
  3. Developing re:Charge-e for e-bikes/scooters

All of these topics will tie to the central concept of “the third mode” (we can’t solve problems by only looking at two polar opposites). It's been a great ride for several decades. Join us for this new American Trails webinar and see what's next on the horizon.

Learning Objectives:

  • Leadership: learn about being in challenging situations that require big risks that can create big rewards.
  • Overcoming Challenges: find out what happens when your project literally gets hit by a hurricane and learn how to keep focus in even the word situations.
  • Vision: understand how much potential the trails community has to offer and levels beyond where we’ve been, and take the opportunity to grow our movement to the next level.


This is a virtual training. See the event website for more details.

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Starts January 18, 2024
10:00 AM
Ends January 18
11:00 AM

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