AZT Trail Skills Institute - Module 5: New Trail Construction

Arizona Trail Association

AZT Trail Skills Institute - Module 5: New Trail Construction

Flagstaff, Arizona

Workshop Trail Construction Trail Maintenance

The Arizona Trail Association's Trail Skills Institute is aimed at volunteers and professionals who wish to expand their skills and confidence in basic trail maintenance and construction techniques and theory. All trainings emphasize hands-on practice of skills with high instructor contact. This Module 5 training covers new trail construction techniques.

•Corridor clearing
•Tread and backslope
•Climbing turns and switchbacks
•Retaining Structures
•Rehabilitation and finishing

Other important elements integrated into the trainings include event planning; tool maintenance; leadership, inspiration and motivation; and "The User Experience: How trail workers can add or detract from the experience."


Flagstaff, Arizona 86001

Trail Core Competencies

  • • Corridor Clearing
  • • Hand-Built Trail Construction
  • • Trail Finishwork
  • • Water Management/Drainage Features
  • • Inventory & Assessment
  • • Corridor clearing: Hand Tools
  • • Tread Maintenance - Hand tools

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Started September 30, 2023
08:30 AM
Ended October 01
04:30 PM

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