Project Preparation

Project Preparation Skills Include:

    Land Use Plan Alignment

    Identify elements of the general management, forest, or comprehensive resource management plans as they relate to the trail project.

    Define Purpose and Need of Project

    Use primary data (e.g., stakeholder outreach, trail use data, trail counters) and secondary data (e.g., planning documents, natural and cultural resource survey information, and site-specific resource limitations including soils, hydrology, geology, slope) to define the purpose of the proposed project and the need that it will meet.

    Corridor Planning

    Identify potential areas (broad corridors) that meet the purpose and need of the project. Work with staff and partners to assess the proposed corridor(s) by analyzing resource data and management plan alignment.

    Stakeholder Engagement

    Identify all the external interested individuals, agencies, and private organizations to inform an outreach strategy. Integrate public education opportunities throughout planning, construction, and maintenance efforts.

    Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) Principles

    Engage with local and regional communities, as well as groups representing ethnically, socially, and economically diverse populations, to address specific trail management issues.

Resources for Project Preparation:

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Documents and Media for Project Preparation

SCA Leader Teams Handbook
SCA Leader Teams Handbook

This handbook defines the role of the SCA and the Programs’ policies and guidelines. It is to be referred to and followed. There are three sections- general information, a section specifically for the Leader Team Crew Leader, and a section…

North Country Trail Handbook
North Country Trail Handbook

The North Country National Scenic Trail (NST) extends for thousands of miles across seven states. Its layout, design, construction, and maintenance require the participation of a myriad of individuals and groups.

Engaging New Leaders
Engaging New Leaders

Developing volunteer leaders who are able to effectively manage other volunteers is one of the most important ways you can strengthen and build a strong volunteer program. This guide focuses on the recruitment of volunteer leaders, specifically…

Trail Skills Training Library

Recorded Trainings for Project Preparation

Digital Transformation of Trail Management and Monitoring
Digital Transformation of Trail Management and Monitoring

Mike Linnane of Evolve Technologies and award-winning Trail Manager Eoin Hogan will present on the development path of the world’s first integrated digital trail management system. The webinar will outline the evolution from a paper-based trail…

Indigenous Placemaking Along Trails
Indigenous Placemaking Along Trails

Learn how indigenous operators have used trails to showcase traditional cultural experiences, ancient canoe routes, traditional culinary experiences, indigenous storytelling, along with many more.

Further Education

Training Programs for Project Preparation

Trail Sustainability Institute
Trail Sustainability Institute

The Trail Sustainability Institute (TSI) is NWTA’s internal training classes for everything related to trail building. We want to make sure our trail builders are knowledgeable in not only how to build/maintain fun trails, but ensure those trails…

IMBA Trail Solutions Advanced Trail Building School
IMBA Trail Solutions Advanced Trail Building School

Partner with IMBA Trail Solutions and create with confidence. By deploying a complete range of skills–including visioning, detailed design, professional construction, and training for stewardship–our comprehensive approach saves resources.

Advancing Trails Webinar Series
Advancing Trails Webinar Series

American Trails brings agencies, trail builders, planners, architects, advocates, and volunteers the latest in state-of-the-art information on all aspects of trails and greenways. Our webinars focus on a variety of trail topics, usually applicable…

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