Traveling Trail Builder

Dirt Artisans Trail Company designs, builds and maintains natural surface trails for hiking, trail running & mountain biking along with accessible natural paths in several states across the nation. Trail builders operate machines, equipment and hand tools to create a sustainable trail for connectivity, healthy lifestyle and enjoyment. Trail builders clear foliage, create and shape the trail for proper drainage, build technical features, assemble rocks for armoring, construct bridges and operate equipment to haul supplies.

Full-Time Private Sector

Job Location

multiple states, mostly mid-west

Job Description

Responsibilities and Duties Be able to travel and live away from home for extended periods of time. Physically fit, strong, agile and dexterous. Enjoy working outdoors in forests or fields and be prepared for weather changes. Mindful and comfortable in nature, including wildlife and terrain with possible exposure to ticks, noxious weeds and steep side slopes. Possess good stamina to be able to hike into the worksite, pick up, carry and use equipment/tools/rocks, capable to stand and perform repetitive tasks for extended periods of time and work an average of 8-10 hours/day. Safely operate and maintain hand tools, such as an axe, rake, hoe, shovel, handsaw, sledge hammer and loppers. Capable of learning to safely use power tools, such as a drill, nail/screw gun, chainsaw and backpack leaf blower along with operating equipment including a UTV, motorized hauler/dumper and tamper. Observe and follow company and government policies and health and safety rules and guidelines. Qualifications Comply with work eligibility guidelines by completing the required I-9 form. Must be at least 18 years old & provide a High School Diploma or GED. Maintain proof of a valid Driver’s License, acceptable motor vehicle record and personal transportation to the jobsite locations and for personal use throughout the project. Experience is not essential: we will train motivated applicants; you will need to learn new skills and show consistent improvement upon those skills to safely operate tools, equipment and complete job tasks correctly and efficiently. Proficient in the skills to follow instructions, consistently maintain focus and attention to details, communicate effectively and work well with others. Comply with professional and health and safety guidelines including a drug/alcohol/nicotine free work zone. Good stamina, physical and mental health are required to adhere to all health and safety guidelines. Salary and Benefits Hourly, based on experience with a minimum base pay of $20/hour. Higher pay for experienced trail building machine operators. For non-local crew members, work crew housing is provided. Mileage compensation. Opportunities for advancement. Health insurance available for full-time employees. Application Process: Resume & references to [email protected]
Traveling Trail Builder
Employer Dirt Artisans
Posted May 17, 2023
Expires Jun 16, 2023

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